Experience iMstart-Mini 

The most reasonable SPR, nearby you


Portable SPR Sensor
Cost-effective instruments (personal system) 
Batch type (or flow type) injection
USB powered
Compatible with TraceDrawer (Ridgeview)

Gold sensor chips

Cost-effective 2D Au chip
High-grade 3D Au chip (Biacore grade)
Various Surfaces: COOH-, SA-, Protein A- 
Optimized reagents & buffers

Education service

Bio pharma track I: Basic
Bio pharma track II: Professional
Affinity/Kinetics evaluation
Assay development consulting

How does iMstart-Mini work

For development of biosensors

Biomarker assay development 
Surface/linker optimization
Ligand screening
Comparison of sensor specification: LOD, Dynamic range...
New materials research: nano-particles, cells, exosomes

Trusted by the researchers


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